Planning and Zoning

The Hamilton County Zoning Administrator shall enforce the zoning regulations, inform the public of the comprehensive plan and zoning regulations, and the options they have regarding their issues. The Zoning Administrator shall be responsible for issuing zoning permits, 911 addresses, inspecting sites when necessary, and attending educational meetings pertaining to planning and zoning. The Zoning Administrator shall schedule all public hearings for the Joint Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and the County Board for issues pertaining to zoning. The Zoning Administrator is also the Flood Plain Administrator and responsible for the Community Map Repository and all issues pertaining to the flood plain within Hamilton County.

Zoning and Subdivision Regulations (Requires Adobe Reader)

Table of Contents
Land Use Control Regulations (Preface)
Articles 1&2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5
Article 6
Article 7
Article 8
Article 9
Article 10
Article 11
Article 12
Article 13
Article 14
Article 15
Article 16
Article 17
Article 18
Article 19
Article 20
Article 21
Article 22
Article 23
Article 24
Article 25

Downloadable Applications and Permits (Requires Adobe Reader)


Zoning Permit: $10.00
Subdivisions: $20.00 Plus Additional $5.00 per lot within subdivision
Exceptions: $50.00
Variances: $100.00
Certificate for Zoning Compliance: $10.00

Planning and Zoning Administrator

Scott Stuhr
1111 13th Street
Aurora, NE 68818
Phone: (402) 604-1357